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How Can I Resolve a Stop Work Order Florida Penalty?

There are many reasons why you may be in violation of a stop work order.

If you’re the contractor, building site manager, or property owner and you’ve just been presented with a stop work order fine, how can you get it resolved in a timely manner so that you can resume your project?

Having a project on hold for any length of time can lead to costly delays. You may have done your best to comply, but may have disagreed with how the investigation was done, or felt that the resolution was going to be too expensive to implement. Perhaps you simply had your workers carry on with their job duties on the weekend, hoping no one would notice.

You may also be interested in this information if your site has just been presented with a stop work order. How will it affect your operations if you simply ignore it?

If a contractor is handed a stop work order, and they continue building, it is considered a violation of that stop work order Florida state. For each and every day that you continue working, you can face a penalty of $1000.

That $1000 is not collective, it’s for every day that work is performed. This is because work that continues to be performed is violating the stop work order.

There are also other fines that can be incurred. For instance. let’s say that you’ve hiring an employee, but instead of listing them as an employee and paying their fair wages and benefits, you’ve classified them as an independent contractor to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation or to your insurance provider. If it’s been determined that person is actually an employee, and not from a business, you, as the contractor, could be facing a penalty of $5000 per employee.

And, if that’s not enough to get you complying to Florida state laws, you can also be assessed another penalty. This amount will be 1.5 times the amount that you would have paid that employee in workers’ compensation premiums in the past “three years”, even if the employee hasn’t worked for you that long.

As you can see, these penalties can be extremely costly to the job site, and something you cannot pass onto your client.

So, now that you have your stop work order, and received a legal notice listing all your fines what do you do? A stop work order can involve significant penalties and delays in your construction project.

You basically have two options: pay the fine if it’s minimal. If the fines are significant, then you should contact a stop work order Florida attorney who is experienced in this type of law.

Your knowledgeable construction attorney will be able to assist you with the best method on how to deal with your stop work order Florida issue, and whether the fines and charges are fair.

The attorney will work with the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation to find a resolution that you are both happy with, so that your project can resume.

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