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What Penalties Can a Contractor Expect When Failing to Comply with a Stop Work Order in Florida?

If you’re a construction contractor managing any size of construction site, it’s important to comply with Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation practices. It can be tempting to list tradespeople as independent contractors, but if they really aren’t, there can be significant penalties incurred. Obviously, it can be more cost-saving to just list all your workers as employees on the payroll, and pay for their Workers’ Compensation fees.

Also, don’t forget that if a worker is injured on site, this protects you too. If a “fake” independent contractor gets injured, you’re opening yourself up to not only a lawsuit from them, but fines from the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Whether you’re curious; you are making changes to your payroll to conform to these regulations; or you’re waiting to hear from Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation on an interview or a fine, you may wonder what to expect for penalty assessment disputes.

Besides a daily fine of $1000 for failure to shut down a construction site on issuance of a stop work order, you can expect to get a $1000 fine per day that you continue operations.

The statute of Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation also can instil a penalty for each uninsured worker. This is calculated at 1.5 times the average statewide weekly wage, which is usually higher than your average wages in that trade. This can be for up to two years before the Stop Work order was issued, and have little bearing on how long the employee in question actually worked with you. These combined fines can add up to thousands of dollars.

Your company can also face criminal implications for failure to comply after a stop work order Florida has been issued. And the more uninsured workers you have, the more serious the issue can be during the audit period.

If you’re confused by the process and don’t know what to expect, or worried that your construction will be fined more than their due share, please contact a competent stop work order Florida lawyer now.

These types of lawyers have plenty of experience in working with the investigators at Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation. They’ll also be working with their representatives and their lawyers. You don’t want to simply accept that the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation will have your best interests at heart.

Hiring an attorney will help you to understand the stop work order process, and what rights you have. What exactly does stop work order mean? Surely you have responsibilities to maintain the safety of your construction site? But then, who does it if your workers aren’t allowed on site?

Your lawyers have a deep understanding of the audit process. They can anwwer your questions, and even help you through the penalty calculation process so that your fees are reduced.

It’s also possible their could be fees that have been calculated in error. Hiring stop work order Florida lawyers could actually save you money too!

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