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Why You Must Act Quickly If You’ve Received a Stop Work Order in Florida

Are you a construction contractor of a small or large building site and have just received notice of a stop work order, or a request for business records? You may be wondering what is the next step?

By now, you’ve gone through part of the process. A short time ago you received notice from the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation that you must wait for an Investigator to arrive on site. Chances are they gave you a business records request. Likely, there were issues, so you were issued a stop work order Florida document.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, your construction operations must cease. This means you must secure your job site, and send your workers home, while you wait for a resolution.

But many contractors make the mistake of waiting for their penalty assessment to arrive, then pay it. If you’ve just received your stop work order, don’t wait any longer. This is the best time to contact a stop work order Florida lawyer.

It’s important that you understand your legal rights during this process. First, you don’t want to be assessed more penalties than you may be owed. Second, you have the right to a fair and non-judgemental assessment that shouldn’t be based on violating any human rights. Third, you also have your company’s good reputation at stake.

As soon as you contact an attorney, they can hep you understand your legal rights, assist in representing your company against Florida state if you have received a request for business records, and to help reduce any fines or penalties you may have been assessed.

If you have been issued a stop work order Florida state, this means that your building site should not be continuing to operate. You can incur additional fines if you do. These can be as significant as $1000 per day that you disobey the order. In fact, some of these can result in criminal charges agains the construction company. Your lawyer can advise you as to what to expect, but one common charge is the “Third Degree Felony for insurance fraud”.

It’s extremely important to contact a lawyer immediately. You should not ignore any requests for documentation or interviews. You should also complete any requests by the deadline.

This is a legal process that runs more quickly than traditional law. There can be short deadlines involved. If you fail to meet the deadlines, you may get a waiver of all rights or penalties, if you have uninsured workers on the site.

Yes, this process can be long and confusing, and can add to your workload. Most business owners don’t understand this part of the law. They certainly don’t have the time or knowledge to defend their business against stop work order Florida notices, payroll audits, or fines.

Please contact us right now so that we can begin the time-sensitive process of ensuring that your rights are protected. We may even get that stop work order Florida lifted while your issue is being investigated.

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